Character Choices In The Outsiders, By S. E. Hinton

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My character choices were reflected from his friend Johnny's choice. Ponyboy had decided to run away with Johnny because Johnny had killed a Soc! They also had to run away Because the police would be after them! You can infer this when Johnny states,¨I killed that boy¨,(Hinton 56). The way Ponyboy reacts to this crime is by saying in the text,¨Johnny!, I nearly screamed. What are we going to do!¨(Hinton 57). As you can see, Ponyboy is very scared for himself and mostly for Johnny. So they bleached their hair and ran away. This is defiantly a major conflict in the story because it leads up to the Church fire incident that kills Johnny later in the book! This is just one of the major conflicts that happens in the book that make it so fun yet

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