Characteristics Of My Family

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Do you ever wonder what others think about your character traits wise? Like your family, friends and what you think about yourself. Like Steve Harmon in his case he didn’t know who he was after his trial, he was confused. Others around him thought the same thing, his family didn’t know who he was, and his defendant O’Brien knew he was a liar. Now to view myself, I see that I am active, shy and busy. My family on the other hand views me as being impatient, lazy, and demanding. This leaves my friends seeing me as someone who is trustful, fun, and funny. Initially, my family views me as being demanding, lazy, and impatient. According to my mom, she sees me as being impatient because every time I want her to take me to the store I ask and ask until she actually does. Obviously this shows that I am impatient because I don’t like to wait for a long period of time for something that can be done while they take the time to wait and wait. To add on, my family also sees me as being demanding. My mom always hears me yelling at my brother to go do something. This supports the fact that my mom sees me as a demanding person because I 'm always telling people what to do. Unlike the other two characteristics my family also sees me as lazy. Everyday when I go to school I tend not to do my bed. It 's not that I don’t want to it’s that I don 't have enough time. My family also considers me lazy because I rarely clean my room and my clothes always a mess.
Furthermore, my friends see me as

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