Characterization Of Lord In Macbeth

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The story of Macbeth is written by William Shakespeare and is set in medieval Scotland. It is a story of a man who lusts to become king, becomes king, and then is ultimately defeated by the end of the play. In this play many characters come in and out of the spotlight. Some speak very few lines, and may only appear in one act of the play, while others are in every single act of the play and speak for most of story. One character that appears for just one scene, but has a major role in revealing a major plot line in the story is the Lord in act 3 scene 6. The major plot point that the Lord reveals helps to shape the rest of the play. Lords typically were above the normal citizens of a feudal society, but were not above the king. This character only appears in this portion of the play, but there is a huge possibility that he was in other parts of the play as well. Inferring is one thing that is useful for a type of character like the Lord in act 3 scene 6. This can help put the Lord in parts of the play where he may not have been revealed to have been before, but had a large possibility of the being there. During the first act of the play Duncan is still the king of Scotland. Kings would usually have many servants and lords accompanying them in the play. Given his loyalty to Malcolm later in the play it would be safe to assume that the Lord was with Duncan from his first appearance, all the way up to the point where he was killed by Macbeth in Macbeth’s castle. He also shows

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