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The tragedy experienced of losing a family member is something that all people have struggled with throughout time. Charles Lamb experienced the pain of losing a close family member while overcoming other difficult obstacles within his personal life. Lamb had to suffer through the insanity of his sister, murder of his mother, and consistent feelings of regret and loneliness. Lamb’s personal experiences of tragedy are what lead to his emotional poetic piece, The Old Familiar Faces. Charles Lamb was the youngest child of John and Elizabeth with an older brother and sister. Lamb’s parents both worked for Samuel Salt, a lawyer. Lamb’s father, John, was a clerk and servant to him while Lamb’s mother was a housekeeper to Salt. Salt was a huge influence to Charles and Mary because he would allow them to explore his library. Salt also funded Lamb’s education at Christ’s Hospital. (Charles LAmb concise dictionary).Salt was a person that made him think of his future and interested him in literature. Lamb began school at the age of seven …show more content…

Mary and Charles were close from their childhood to adulthood (Charles Lamb Poetry Foundation). Their bond was tested when Mary when into a fit of insanity and murdered his mother and injuring his father (Encyclopedia). Mary went into her rage because the family was struggling and she went into work but was not able to handle the pressure and stress that came with her job (Concise Dictionary).Their lives were forever changed after this day because Lamb would never be alone and was always taking care of Mary for the rest of their lives. () Lamb’s responsibility of Mary began when he was only 21. Mary did have period of recovery but she would return to having severe and violent moments of insanity (Concise Dictionary). Mary was not alone with her mental challenges Lamb also struggled with maintaining a grasp on reality (Lamb

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