Charles Lawrence Racist Speech Summary

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Charles Lawrence in his racist speech tries to convince that racist speech needs to be regulated. He argues that hate speech is intolerable in the United States because it represents discrimination which
Everyone defines hate speech differently. I define hate speech as anything that incites aggression regarding one person or a group of people. Now a day’s people uses free speech as a defense for saying anything but discriminating someone is not free speech. Hate speech against minority is discrimination which has no place in our society. Constitution is color blind. Skin color does not make any difference; it is racism which lies in the eyes of beholder. Hate speech suppress the voice of minority so that they are unable to exchange the ideas …show more content…

Borders of the First Amendment are at the center of the legal debates about free speech and hate speech. While free speech is considered to be a basic right, as the Supreme Court has given the right to free speech. However, when such "free speech" crosses the line and becomes a threat, the courts have stepped in and punished the speaker. First Amendment does not protect free speech that has the intention of doing harm or damage. Many people believe that the First Amendment gives the people right to say whatever they want but it’s not true. There is no hate speech exception to First Amendment. There are some kind of words which are not protected especially the fighting or insulting words or speech in which a person threatens to commit a crime that would result in death, serious injury, or damage is not protected by the First Amendment, instead First Amendment gives the right to fight against injustice, inequality and unfairness. For example Black Lives Matter movement, this movement has every right to express their feelings. The ways they are protesting are protected under the First Amendment. Different treatment is given for different group of people which violates civil rights. Black lives matter is a movement meant to stop anti-black police brutality, racial discrimination and injustice through speech which is protected by First Amendment. The main motive of black live matter is to get their right and get justice against inhuman behavior of white

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