Child Labour During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Do you remember when you were seven years old? I bet you were full of life , loved and well fed. Now, imagine being covered in dirt everyday, risking your life by climbing up tight space in poor working conditions, to clean out he soot from a chimney! This was apart of poet, William Blake’s and many other young children’s lives in Britain and many other places around the world. In the 1800s , during the Industrial Revolution in Britain, child labor was common to everyday life. In Britain child labor laws were a necessity, but when were they finally put into place? What resulted from the implementation of those laws? Child labor was wildly common in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Kids as young as the age of five were forced to work. Some families had to have every member of their family work to provide enough money for food and shelter. Even if that means having your young child do laborious work. Not all children were lucky enough to have family. Most often the not, children were forced to work because they had no family or they were …show more content…

People wanted to abolish child labor, but some for different reasons. Some people were concerned with the well being of the young children’s physical and mental health and believed that they were being treated unjustly. Others saw an increase in unemployment for adults because factories and companies were hiring children because they were willing to be paid less and work longer hours. Finally, the British Government made small actions to protect the young children from the Un humane conditions,by passing a series of acts. In 1833, the government passed a Factory Act regulating the age of children workers. No child under the age of nine was allowed to work. This Act also monitored the number of hours they would work. The law even had inspectors in the factories to supervise the workers and to the bosses to make sure they were following

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