Children Of Manzanar Analysis

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Children Of Manzanar Edited By Heather C. Lindquist In this story it talks about how Japanese adults and children went through so much during World War II. People in Manzanar lived in barbed wire fences. Teenagers were all put in camp and had experience only seeing the same people like themselves, black hair and brown eyes. They all grow up together with no other different race in the camp. All just the same race and Americans have made Japanese feel ashamed about their own race. 1942 to 1945 toddlers, children,and teens called Manzanar home and during that time they grew up in a national crisis. American citizens were denied them during wartime. Bloodiness caused them to be segregated from their non-Japanese peers and playmates. They have …show more content…

Americans loaded a van up with Japanese people and just took off. They were being taking to Manzanar. Nearly two hundred War Relocation Authority staff members worked as teachers, administrators, counselors, and clerks at Manzanar. Americans lived inside the fence with nothing to separate them from the Japanese. Family Life for many people changed suddenly and often permanently in camp. Some fathers and a few mothers were detained in separate. U.S. Department of Justice Camps. Manzanar offered children no formal schooling and housed 2,300 relocated students, yet there were no classrooms, textbooks, or teachers. Within a year the Manzanar Free Press reported that about 50 percent of the total community population is going to school. Elementary school enrolled 1,300 students, Secondary school enrolled 1,400 students, and adult education program enrolled 2,050. The Japanese people were told that they were to live in this twenty-five foot barack. They were told to fill up the canvas bags with straws and that would be their mattresses. The floor was made out of wood. Their first meal was in a mess hall and they picked up army mess kits. Japanese didn’t really have a “family life.” Everyone in the family lived together in a apartment but were always to be busy, …show more content…

Government to these people. I would hate to be locked up in a camp. This is good and sad at the same time. It’s messed up how they lost their freedom because of War. A lot of Japanese didn’t like it there and it was only their own race put in camps as well. They didn’t even sleep comfortable. The used canvas bags and hay as pillows. Their bed weren’t even supportable for their body. I thinks the people that went through this experience have learned a lot about how the world and Government is corrupted. No one knows when something crazy is going to happen again. It can happen anytime or unexpectedly. It’s life and we were all being controlled by the Government. There is a lot of camps around us hidden. And we don’t expect nothing to happen but we may never know. I also think it’s rude how they made the Japanese feel weird about their own race and self. Were all equal and isn’t suppose to be far from different from others. In the end at least they gotten out and didn’t have to stay forever. It would be scary hearing rumors about going to camp and staying there forever. I would feel awful getting separated from my friends, family, and home. In the end at least they had the chance to gotten their freedom back and didn’t stay there forever. You live and learn in this life. It’s sad to say when they didn’t have much freedom but atleast they are still alive living another day and are free once

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