Citizen 13660 Summary

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Written prompt of Citizen 13660 by Mine Okubo
Citizen 13660 is an illustrated picture book representing the internment of people who were of Japanese descent. More than 110,000 Japanese people were evacuated simply because of their racial background. This has been no reasonable justification as to why the order of 9066 was even made. Fear swept over the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This caused a mass spread of propaganda which degraded anyone of Japanese ancestry. Eventually, the United States took over in order to keep the order in place. Many of the Japanese descendants were relocated more than once. There were camps for Japanese who proved themselves loyal and segregated ones for the "disloyal" Japanese people. Through this relocation, many family members were separated. In many camps, friends were separated as well and had strict visiting time. The camps were hurried to be built for the Japanese, therefore many of the …show more content…

She could not leave and go shopping whenever she wanted. However, when she did get out, she had much joy. She went out for her belongings when she was moving and a police guard was with her. She had to pay for his lunch and was ecstatic to get out. "That one day of liberty was wonderful. I was like a child. I wanted to buy everything." (Okubo, 110) Clearly, she was missing liberty. Even though it seems like Okubo is trying to make some parts of it sound like she was ok and happy, there are times when she suffered. When she was being relocated to Utah, she had a terrible experience with the train ride there. "The trip was a nightmare that lasted two nights and a day." (Okubo, 117) In the train there was dust everywhere and she was in total darkness most of the time because of the poorly working gaslights. Many others suffered through this ride along with

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