Cold Justice By Kelly Siegler And Yolanda Mcclary

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Most people wake up and never think about being murdered by someone they once loved. Tracy Allen most likely thought the same way until one fatal night Garland Allen, her ex-husband and the father of her two children, took her life. In this episode of Cold Justice, Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary uncover how the crime was solved, the typology of the crime and the motivation for the crime. As Wolf (2014) wrote in the episode, on May 18, 2001 in Altus, Oklahoma was the last time anyone saw or heard from 27-year-old Tracy Allen. "Cold Justice (Wolf 2014)." This case was an unusual case simply because Tracy's body was never found. Mrs. Siegler nor Mrs. McClary have ever worked on a case that did not include the remains of the deceased or no …show more content…

Allen was up to that night, the investigators contacted his mother. Mr. Allen had a violent history with women, including his own mother. Ms. Whitis first claimed that her son showed up to her house covered in mud and was not acting himself. As reported by Wolf (2014) in this second interview with Ms. Whitis she was acting as if she did not state those things before. "Cold Justice (Wolf 2014)." Although she all of a sudden had amnesia, she came unglued when Mr. Brown told her that Tracy's body was found. Mr. Brown lied to her about finding Tracy's body. He must have thought that by telling her that they found Tracy's body this would make her speak up. Mr. Brown was unquestionably right. As stated by Wolf (2014), Mr. Brown asked Ms. Whitis if Tracy would leave her children and she replied no. Mr. Brown then asked what she thought happened to Tracy, and she said that she did not know. One of Mr. Brown's questions was "and you think Garland did something to her?" Ms. Whitis cried "Yeah". Ms. Whitis went on to confess that she was scared of her own son. "Cold Justice (Wolf 2014)." These statements by Mr. Allen's mother made the case against him bigger than …show more content…

Allen committed this gruesome crime was become of their children and he did not like the fact that Tracy was leaving with another man. Wolf (2014) wrote in the epsidoe, that an argue broke out between the two and Mr. Allen got mad and pushed her out the door. Tracy then fell down the steps. Mr. Allen picked her up and tried to revive Tracy, but that did not work. When Mr. Allen realized that Tracy was gone, he wrapped her up in the carpet and took her out to the lake. Mr. Allen said that he buried her near the lake. "Cold Justice (Wolf 2014)."Based off of the information provided by Adler, Mueller, and Laufer, the typology of this crime would be considered a violent crime. (Adler, Mueller, and Laufer, 2013, p. 29). As stated by Wolf (2014), on September 26th, 2014 Mr. Allen plead guilty to second-degree Murder and Unlawful Removal of a Body. Mr. Allen was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his ex-wife Tracy Allen. "Cold Justice (Wolf 2014)." In the end, people are still going to wake up and go on about their day and not think twice about being murder by someone who was once close to them. Because of this there will always be another Tracy Allen, but the question is "will justice be served in the next case?" The investigators brought justice to Tracy Allen's mother by solving the crime and putting her ex-husband behind bars. The team members of Cold Justice revealed how they solved the crime, the typology of the crime, and what motivated Mr. Allen to

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