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The Cold War was a war full of politics and beliefs along with brutal fighting. Communism was seen as a major threat to the United States. The Soviet Union was trying to, at the time, influence other countries of its communist beliefs in hopes of gaining allies and resources. The Soviets expanded after WWII and the Americans feared this, adding tense to their “alliance.” The Soviet Union’s main targets were Europe but also to gain global exposure and power as well. The United States was aware of this and a policy was created to combat the USSR’s influence. George F. Kennan created this policy in 1947. The policy created was called containment and its mission was exactly as it sounds, to contain communism in all ways possible. At first, a method …show more content…

took leadership in putting an end to communism through alliances. The North Atlantic Treaty created a pact between the U.S. and the North Atlantic Area to fight against the communist countries (Document D). This states that any country under this treaty will support the defending country in any way possible during an armed attack. None of these countries would be singled out by any kind of Soviet attack because it would be the Soviet Union against all the countries under the Treaty. In this treaty, the Security Council took some power in making sure that attacks were reported to them so that they could resolve these issues. This council maintained peace and security to the United States and made big decision relating to the cold war. The leadership taken by the U.S. with this council stopped many battles from starting. Another major contribution to the war, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, offered support for Latin America as he talks about the “successful outcome” and the freedom they gained in 1954 (Document I). Our general’s support of other countries against communist countries reveals the commitment of the U.S. forces towards a communist-free nation. The United States helped Guatemala overthrow the communist president through their air support. Aside from the military assistance, moral and economic assistance was readily available to fight against the harsh reality of aggressive communist

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