Columbian Exchange Dbq Essay

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Unit 3 DBQ Evaluate the extent to which the Columbian Exchange transformed the Americas from c. 1500 to 1750 CE. Living back in 1500 was way different than now. But all that has changed since the Columbian exchange. Starting with the transatlantic trade, indigenous power, and Americans. Let us take a look at Americans and how they have helped change our world from 1550-1750. Document four shows that the Columbus exchange negatively and positively impacted the Native Americans. The production and distribution through the Columbian exchange brought harm and joy throughout America. Starting with the Columbian exchange helping the Americans learn how to farm right. It made the Americas have much more supplies bringing in more profit toward them. It also resulted in large flows such as Irish potatoes, south and southeast chili peppers, tomatoes by Italy, and tobacco by all nations. But the exchange also resulted in a bad way. It helped spread Old World diseases. This killed off a lot of the Native Americans and brought their population way down. It also killed off their food, such as sugar cane, crops, and coffee. The result of America's food brought in labor so that they could keep up with everything, which was the start of the transatlantic slave trade. This slave trade cost over 12 million slaves …show more content…

They impacted and molded European colonial settlement. Through their use of indigenous authority, they influenced America between 1500 and 1750. Examples of indigenous power include the indigenous confederacy, equestrian power, and the Great Lakes Algonquian-speaking. Even after being devastated by land theft, warfare, and religious impostition, indigenous communities rose to the occasion by devising new plans and ideas. Throughout the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, indigenous self-government was most prevalent in North

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