Company Overview Of The Kroger Company

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The Kroger Company is the largest retail in the country due to annual sales. The company was founded in 1883 by Barney Kroger. He started out selling product from a cart then later purchased a store front. In 1902, the Kroger Company was incorporated. The company process and produce their private label product such as Simple Truth, Kroger Brand, PSST, Private Selection, and Fresh Selection just to name a few. On average, the company has about 2,796 stores, which 2,255 have pharmacies and 1,445 have fuel centers. There are about 443,000 employees employed with the company. Kroger is divided and operated under several different divisions. The ones in which I have worked in are Delta Division (Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansan) and the Atlantic Division (Georgia and North Carolina). Majority of the employees that work for the company are covered under the collective bargaining act. There are about 366 collective bargaining act affiliated with the company. All of which HR are very familiar with. …show more content…

Here recently, there was at least on Assistant Human Resource Manager in every store. There is also a Human Resource Coordinator for every district who answers to the Division Human Resource Director. Store level hr is responsible for making sure the stores are staffed, the time to hire rate is low, turnover rate is consistently low, rules and regulations are being followed, and the union contract is being adhered to. As for the Coordinator, their responsible for making sure each store is meeting their goals of time to hire and turnover, supporting and assisting stores with their hr needs such as aggrieves, and reporting out results to the Division HR Director. Overall, HR is very visible in the Kroger Family of Store now more than

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