Compare And Contrast A Good Man Is Hard To Find And Parkers Back

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Flannery O’Connor Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to find” and “Parkers Back” both have strong faith revelation stories in them where a main character goes through black to white religious changes. The Grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” has her salvation story towards the end and “Parkers Back” has Parker Succumbing to Christ gradually throughout the entire story. Both characters have influential changes that show a immediate realization of Christ and a change in their ways. The Grandmother is “A good man in hard to find” is a very interesting character. When immediately being introduced to her, she is not the most appealing woman. She is deceitful and callous while also being an obnoxious narcissist and an overall closed minded …show more content…

She is an extremely religious figure in this story. She disagrees with his way of life and doesn’t support his tattoos at all. After they marry and parker decides he is completely unhappy he decides to get a tattoo of “god”. Parker says that the tattoo is for Sarah but it turns out to be more of a symbol for himself than anyone else. Ending the story with her not liking or supporting his “adultery” tattoo, and his complete desperation about it, shows his commitment to it. He chose this tattoo of god to permanently put on his back and then tried to tell anyone that saw it that it was joke, or for someone else. The truth is that it was for him. On his way back home he felt like a different person, he felt settled and happier with the eyes of Christ permanently upon him. Both Characters had drastic changes and revelations of faith. I feel that the Grandmother’s was sudden and a conclusion that she needed before death. Parker's was a gradual revelation. It started with the man at the festival and ended with his tattoo of gods all-knowing eyes. The development of Christ in both stories is a statement of humans and their true meaning to “be good”. Neither character would be considered an upstanding human but O’Conner proved that each deserved their own grace of

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