Compare And Contrast Essay Fahrenheit 451

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Differences From Our World The debate between whether technology is useful or harmful to our society will never end. This is so because many people do use technology every single day as to where others only use it every once in awhile or maybe never. Everyone has had different or a different experience with technology. Some enjoy it for entertainment, others use it to research, and others use it to work or get something done faster and more efficient. People in today's society have the option and privilege to research the past, present, or future. This is because we have access to so many books. movies, documents, articles, newspapers, and the internet! The only difference between us and the people in Fahrenheit 451 is that they do not have the access to any of that. All they have to depend on is their parlor walls and seashells. The …show more content…

But we also have parks, amusement parks, water parks, malls, stores, theaters, restaurants, sports, games, skateboards, toys, and so much more. So yes we may have a large distraction in our lives, but we have so much more to keep us busy, social, and happy. All those things gives us a chance to make friends, have fun, and love one another. As to where in Fahrenheit 451 they do not even have the privilege to know of anything. Throughout the book a clear statement of how the technology is a complete distraction is shown several times such as, “ Why should I read? What for? What for! Why!,” Mildred says.(Pg.34) She has the chance to read because of the books Montag had brought home and she does not even want to. She repeats asking why she should read and does not even have the slightest clue of what books could contain. As all the people in Fahrenheit 451 it says, “He wore his happiness like a mask.”(Pg.5) This is a great simile explaining what the people are like. They are not truly happy, yet they do not really no that so they pretend to be

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