Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Shyima

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Some people call slavery America's greatest sin. In my opinion slavery was the worst thing america has ever done. America took African Americans and made them work unwillingly and forced labor on them. When it comes to slavery the name Frederick Douglass’ always comes up.Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave who wrote a novel of his life to show how hard it was to be a slave and show life from a slave's perspective. There was also a girl named shyima who was forced into labor. Now frederick douglass and shyima differ in a lot of things when it comes to slavery but they were both forced to work and were both punished for certain actions. Frederick Douglass was beat and whipped but shyima was mainly just isolated from the rest of the world and only worked all day.
Frederick douglass and Shyima both experienced terrible things. In Frederick Douglass’ novel he talks about the things he went through and the things he had to go through and the things he had to see . He talks about about how he was whipped how he had cuts all over his body from being beat. He talks about the brutal beatings he had to watch other slaves go through. He was beat for not listening and not doing things he …show more content…

But their punishments were very different. Shyima wasn't beat like frederick douglass was but she did get slapped because she was trying to wash her clothes in the washing machine. Shyimas punishment was mainly not being able to do anything fun. She stayed inside cleaning all day and had to live in a garage, she wasn't treated like a human being she was treated like a piece of trash that has to do anything she is told . Frederick Douglass underwent a different more physical and brutal type of punishment he was beaten and whipped until he bled and he was beaten more after that. He would be beaten with all kinds of things he would be hit with whips, cowskin, he would be beaten up and punched until he would bleed and

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