Compare And Contrast How The Virginia Plan And New Jersey Plan

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How the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan Effected Representation The idea of equal representation has been debated many times throughout the history of mankind. But equal representation is often not feasible without compromise which is exactly what happened in Philadelphia in the year 1787. The representation that was being questioned was how the small and large states could both be represented equally, and it is not shocked that both the small and large states had a plan of how the representation should work. “The one plan was federal, the other national,” (105) The Virginia Plan was fifteen resolves, and they were presented to the convention by Edmund Randolph. These resolves pointed out that the new nation government should have two legislative branches the “first branch (the representatives) to be elected by the people; the second branch (the senators) to be elected by the first branch” (38). This plan would make the legislative branch be a bicameral legislative. The Virginia Plan also proposed that votes would be based off of population; which would mean more populated states like …show more content…

The most obvious thing about the legislative branch is that, it is indeed a bicameral legislature which was proposed by Virginia, but with in this bicameral legislative branch there is one branch that is called the House of Representative which says that the more populated a state is the more votes it gets, while in the senate each state is given two votes regardless of their size. So in the constitutional both the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan got put in and help solved the issue of representation by a compromise of combining both of the plans and making one branch of the legislative be based off of a state's population and the other off of

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