Compare And Contrast Hunger Of Memory And Mother Tongue

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Amy Tan and Richard Rodriquez both grew up in Northern California, to immigrant families. Amy Tan became famous for her book, “The Joy Luck Club” that later became a movie. Richard wrote “The Hunger of Memory.” Before they became famous though, they both struggled to learn English. In “Mother Tongue.” and “Public and private Language,” they describe what it was like trying to learn English, while holding on to their native language. It wasn’t easy for either of them. School wasn’t easy for either of them either. Richard and his siblings had a difficult time learning English. Richard didn’t think he was privileged enough to learn it. Even though the teachers tried to encourage him to “Stand up… Speak up. Speak to the entire class.” (513). His …show more content…

Amy found that same comfort but not until she was an adult. As she was speaking with her mother one day, she says “Not waste money that way.” (507). It dawned on her that it was so natural that not even her husband had noticed. Richard recalls a similar experience. He came home from school one day, his parents were talking. It wasn’t until after they had switched to English that he realized they had been speaking Spanish. Now you would think having been born to English speaking parents, here in the United States, that I wouldn’t understand a language barrier. Growing up I watched my cousin struggle to communicate with others. He lost his hearing when he was 5 years old. He was alone in his world of speak. Even I didn’t know how to communicate with him. I would sit in awe as I watched his mom and brother sign with him. Their hands moved fluidly in their motions. I wanted to do that. I did eventually teach myself enough sign language to get by. I had some friends when I younger, their parents could speak very little English. I can remember the oldest daughter doing as Amy had to do with her mother. Rosie would make all the ‘adult’ phone calls for her mother and the son spoke for his dad when needed. I grew up in southern California, they have a language all their own. I moved to Texas, which also has its own language, when I was 15 years old. I felt as if I was learning a new language. I went into a fast food place right after I had

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