Compare And Contrast Mccarthy And Salem Witch Trials

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There is one thing that is made, always different along being the same. That is history, it can either be good or bad with every passing minute. A recurring pattern has been seen, throughout time and history. The Salem Witch trials and the McCarthy trials is one of these patterns.They both hold an event of accusing others of being something with dubious evidence. Both holding a fear of a certain type of people being among them. Each having an ideal figure to follow that lead to chaos. The McCarthy trials were held around the time of 1947, in the Atomic Era. This was the time when Atomic Bombs were feared of being launched between America and Russia. The Salem Witch Trials was held in 1693, this was when witches were feared. Both of these …show more content…

As they spoke, Betty awoke for a moment, screaming and calling for her mother; trying to fly out the window to her. This caught the attention of those in the church meeting, causing a run of the people to where Betty is. As the people held in the building, questioning was done for if the girls have done witchcraft. The girls lied, accusing Tituba for the reason Betty stays asleep. People then began to use this lie to blame Tituba for things she may have not done.
Tituba was then taken into custody and question for her involvement in witchcraft, not wanting to die, she made a confession of signing with the devil. With this confession, the girls began to yell to the people of who was with the devil in Salem. The girls were mostly naming those that they have Prejudice with, one being Sarah Good, a homeless lady. Those who were highly seen in the church, were as well named, these two people being Rebecca nurse and Martha …show more content…

He created a speech, on February 9, 1950, where he proclaimed that he know who were of the Communist Party. The list being 205 card-carrying member of the Communist party, whose as well worked for the United States Department of State. This speech began an era of paranoia and put McCarthy into a national spotlight. ("McCarthyism.")
McCarthy then addressed the Senate and began to make a list of those who were suspicious of Communists. There was around 81 people in just one day, though he skipped some things and would have the tendency to repeat. A full investigation was held by the Senate, even when nothing was proven. He would accuse people, trying to stay in the headlines and the spotlight. He went as far to accuse those who were loyal to the government.
Government Official Dean Acheson and George Marshal, were question for possibly being apart of the Communist Party. These claims made the people of the Republican Party, disavowed McCarthy and were in shock. While others of this government shaked their heads, the people who followed McCarthy cheered. The people began to reward the communist Party hunter with other accusations of who was in the party. McCarthy has formed an army that the officials were afraid to face head on without fear of the Republican Party

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