Compare And Contrast The Christian And Muslim Responses To The Black Death

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The responses to the Black Death were vastly different from Christian and Muslim points of view. Although there were some similarities, most things varied based on how the religion itself thought of this disease. Death rates were still high and the disease was a very dangerous one. It killed up one-third to one-half of the world 's population at that point in time. The Black Death was not just one disease, it was three diseases that were all around at the same time. They were the bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic plagues.They each attacked different parts of the body and were all deadly. The bubonic is the most common one so the other two are often forgotten. Despite the religious views, the plague did not differentiate between race, culture, wealth, gender or religion. It killed almost everyone it came in contact with. The mortality rates were similar for both Christian and Muslim people. The spread of the disease made people start to become paranoid and ready to find a scapegoat to blame this horrible tragedy on.…show more content…
They believed that praying for the disease to be stopped would be the best thing to do in the time of need. In addition to praying, there were other ways the Christian people tried to cure the victims of the Black Death. They thought that by building fires, covering windows with wax cloth, having flowers around the home, drinking a solution of liquified Armenian clay, and avoiding sleeping on their backs they could prevent the plague. The Christian people quickly blamed the Jews for the creation and spread of the disease. They would capture them and toss them into a pit full of timber and they would light it on fire, burning the Jewish people. It was thought of as the right and just thing to do at that time. Although fact now proves that the Jewish people did not cause this

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