To Kill A Mockingbird Comparison

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To Kill A Mockingbird or The Chosen? In these two different yet similar book many people would asked themselves this question. People could probably fight hours and hours on this subject and although some people may differ there are a few key point that make To Kill A Mockingbird stand out. Both book deal with different problems but To Kill A Mockingbird probably has the more relevant one with racism. Also in The Chosen not many people could relate to Danny Saunders but everyone can relate to Scout somehow or another Finally many people find The Chosen hard to read because of its difficult themes but since Harper Lee writes To Kill A Mockingbird in such a childish ways the reader does not seem so sad. Overall, To Kill a Mockingbird ranks higher as a book, then The Chosen because of its real life events and characters, very realistic problems, and the childish way Harper Lee writes. To begin with, Harper Lee adds many real life scenarios and people in her book making it a better book then The Chosen. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the narrator, Scott, a typical tom boy, has a very normal problems attributes many girls faced at the time. For example, she lives only with her father and brother which…show more content…
One of the main topics lit up in To Kill A Mockingbird was racism. This topic plays the biggest role in the law suit that Scott’s father work on but it also appears in the town’s daily life. In part of the book Scott’s maid takes her and her bother to her church and even though they were in a Christian society some people had a problem with Scout and her bother visiting their church because they of their white skin. Racism also pops up in Scotts own home when her aunt comes to live with her. Her aunt wants to get rid of her, probably because she had black skin, but thankfully Atticus does not allow her. Over all To Kill A Mockingbird faces many problems in its
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