Comparing Acts By Luke And Second Section Of Acts

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This book tells about Jesus first followers, where all of them are the Jewish. It also discuss about the apostle of Paul and his letters, his teaching, his arrest, and his mission. Not all of the things are discussed detail, but most of them are the overviews.
All the scholars believe that the book of Acts was written by Luke and second section of Acts was also written by the same author. This author was considered as the first person who wrote the autobiography of Paul. Paul wrote his letters as the responses to the situation of the churches, individuals and the groups. Then, he is considered as the main key of the spread of Christ movement, especially for other nations, …show more content…

However, as a reader or Christian, we should be thankful that his letters survived. From these letters, we can have the knowledge about life of early Christianity and Christ movement. It means that, whether we have the complete and incomplete letters, we have to be grateful for the remaining letters as Paul’s. The author of this book tried to compare the letters of Paul, and also to the book of Acts. Therefore, the way he tried to deliver the idea is so convincing since he put those writing and then analysed. This book discussed about the struggle of Paul in spreading the news. When he is teaching the Gentiles, there are so many things he faced. One of them is from his rivals. All those things come to the level of where he was accused of disobeying Jewish law. Then a group of Jews wanted to kill him. It reveals how Paul faced the obstacles. He wrote his letters to some people and communities, but he faced the fact that there are groups before Christian movement and also the Roman empire. Luckily, he has a Roman citizenship, that gave him a little bit space to preach in places. However, it seems like Paul is facing this alone. The author did not tell about how another people who write those letters face the problems. For example, in Rome 16:22 when the name “Titus” arise, it seems like the writer at the time is also “Tertius” which is considered as the secretary of Paul. However, there is no discussion about what happened to those who work for Paul, such as

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