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Johnson 1
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King Lear The play King Lear is a insane story about a king who is stepping down from the throne and splitting his power to his Three daughters. King Lear at the beginning sounds like a demanding king and he wants everything he asks for. It starts off with the three girls trying to show how much they love their father. How the girls did this was they each stepped up to there father and expressed how much they love him by saying “I love you more then words can express” (Page 25/ King Lear/ William Shakespeare). After they’re done with their speeches, The king finally decides who is the best fit. The most interesting parts about this play is that there is a constant feeling of you …show more content…

How To compare this book to america is by looking at it like if King Lear was the president. When we see Lear trying to split up his land and power to his daughters. In america we have a lot of the same things, Like wills and such. In the will system you chose a family member or friend to have your belongings when you pass away. King Lear did basically the same this but in this case since he was the king he was aloud to give it to who ever he chooses. The amount of power king lear has, isn 't a lot by the end of the book because he has given everything away to his daughters.

In conclusion the book King Lear is a book that keeps you in suspense the whole time “ The excitement overwhelms him and he dies” (Page 283/ William Shakespeare/ King Lear). This is one of the many examples that this book gives us. Everyone at the end died and the kingdom was held in the hands of the husbands of the daughters killed. You can relate this book to another
Johnson 3 one of Shakespeare’s books called Romeo and Juliet. The reasoning for this is because that both these stories are about tragedy and love. In this case King Lear loves his youngest daughter dearly and even though after he disowned her, she still took him back and forgave him for his mistake. This book is an outstanding book because the amount of detail that goes into it is

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