Comparing Love Between Juliet In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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From the beginning of the play, it is evident that Romeo is a passionate person. In Act I, Romeo is in a depressive state due to succumbing to love with a woman named Rosaline. On a tirade, Romeo tells how he is somber due to love, furthermore, how love can dismantle one. Rejected, Romeo is woefully articulating his apprehension pertaining to how love has altered him. (1.1 L. 164-176). Due to this lacking attribute, he becomes enamored with her, enthralled by her alluring aesthetic. The play does not directly tell much in respect to her. It is expressed she is immensely fair as well as abiding to a life of chastity (1.1 L. 216-222; 225). Seeing Juliet, his attitude immediately changes; He claims,”My eyes were liars, then, because I never saw

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