The Hero's Journey In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain is one of King Arthur’s knights. It is Christmas time in Camelot, the time of the year where knights return home and people celebrate their achievements as well as the birth of Jesus. Every year they have a dinner with the king that must begin with a story before eating. No one has a story to tell which causes the king to postpone the dinner until, all of a sudden, a green knight appeared. This story contains ideas known as the hero’s journey.
Once the green knight appeared, he tells the court that he’s heard many things about them and their bravery. The court tries not to show their fear towards the green knight, but his presence alone was both terrifying and mesmerizing. After the knight finishes complimenting the court, the knight tells them the call to adventure. He challenges one of them to test their bravery by cutting off his head, but next year, he’d do the same to the person who cut off his …show more content…

He took his place because Gawain knew the king would be greatly missed. He accomplishes the ordeal and cuts the green knight’s head off to seal the deal. After Sir Gawain cuts the green knights head off, the green knight leaves and Gawain doesn’t see him till the next year. When Gawain sets out to find the knight after a year, he went through three tests that proved his bravery. He was able to find the green knight and confirm he was a great knight.
The green knight let him leave alive with only injuries. He was able to return with the elixir which was becoming a courageous knight no matter the circumstance. He was able to also live instead of being killed which was the original plan.
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story that values promise and bravery. This story followed many steps of the hero’s journey. A few of them were the ordinary world, ordeal, and return with elixir. Many stories, besides this one, also follow the hero’s journey outline. They may not have all the steps, but at least a

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