Comparison: Beneatha And Her Brother

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Beneatha wants her brother to realize that he should stand up to the man. To say what Walter actually wants to say not what he wants the man to hear. She doesn't want him to take the money because this will give the man power over her brother which she doesn't want at all to happen. With this said the audience understands why she is angry at her brother, by the mistreatment they have to endure yet she begins to take it to far when she calls him names like “toothless rat” and questions his manhood. Some of the obstacles that she has are herself, and her family. The reason why she is her own obstacle is that she is too prideful to be giving into the man, she wants to reconnect with her roots rather than being turned to white supremacy which her family wants to live as. On the other hand is her family with she loves, but her feminist ideas get in the way of appreciating what she already has like her brother. In the beginning of the scene, we can see that she is angry at her brother for all the opinions that he won't dare to say to the man thinking his brother is being pushed around by the white man. Some of the tactics in which she tries to get around her obstacles are first by attacking the problem like she did with her brother by calling him names. She makes it clear to her family that she is tired of the …show more content…

From the moment I was assigned to beneath I could relate to her, I understand her struggles as a college student that wants to become a doctor and help people all around. I also understand how it is to lose motivation and to lose the power of having a voice in our society. I do think she is unique in the way she speaks for what is right in her opinion, she doesn't want to give up her power. In the scene, we can see how angry she is towards her brother but we get to see how she reacts to her emotions and see her change of mind when mama lectures

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