Comparison Between 'Facing It And Spin By Tim O' Brien

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Tanayah London Ms. Okossi English Honors II 6 April 2023 Literary Essay Experiencing war leaves behind a trail of trauma, PTSD, and triggered emotions. The sensation affects others, the environment, and others around you.Soldiers carry a range of physical and emotional burdens during their service, both on and off the battlefield. As claimed by the articles “How will PTSD affect my kids?” by Brooke King, “Facing It” by Yusef Komunyakaa, and “Spin” by Tim O’Brien all develop the idea that in addition to the actual fighting and devastation on the battlefield, war also has a lasting effect on the collective memory and consciousness of the people and civilizations involved. In the article "How will PTSD affect my kids?" by Brooke King provides evidence of the long-lasting and transgenerational effects of trauma and conflict on people and families, supporting the quote that all battles are fought twice—once on the field of battle and again in the memory. King examines how her husband's PTSD from his experience in Iraq affected both him and their children in her article. She describes how her husband's fury, anxiety, and depression difficulties not only hindered his ability to be a father but also caused tension and unpredictability in their household. She also discusses the effects that …show more content…

O'Brien emphasizes the difference between the troops' actual experiences and how those experiences are portrayed in the society and by the government throughout the entire story. He discusses how soldiers are taught to "spin" their perspectives in order to make them more appealing to the American public, frequently by praising their own bravery and understating the atrocities of war. He explains how soldiers can eventually have feelings of remorse and shame due to their sensitivity to violence and

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