Conflict And Controversy In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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“The lottery” (1948) Analysis The short story, “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson takes place in a small village. Was conducted the lottery story in 1948. In this story, the lottery is a yearly tradition that takes place in a small American Town. Contrary to the normal lottery, in this case one person is randomly selected to be killed by stoning, something the villagers believe to be good for the village. This tradition is accepted by everyone in the village, in fact, including women and children. The author of this story shows the theme of conflict and controversy that hits the lottery. The lottery’s tradition is taken in several different ways because it is unexamined. The conflict and controversy of this story is shown in the contrast between Tessie Hutchinson and the old man Warner. There are individuals who agree and disagree with this yearly event. The town’s old people are accustomed to it; hence they can easily understand it. The younger people in the town disagree with it. It is important to note that this annual event will always be faced with controversy. This is because there are people that will and will not agree to see someone dye every year in their town. For instance, the Hutchinson family cannot adapt the lottery’s drawing. Every person in the town has drawn their piece of paper and opens it. …show more content…

In this story, the controversy is shown between the town people, and the tradition itself is very controversial. The conflict of the Lottery is shown between Tessie Hutchinson and the old man Warner. In addition, the controversy between these two is seen from the different generation they lived through. Basically, this theme of conflict and controversy applies in our modern life in the sense that, people do differ on various things in life. For instance, there are those who are opposed to bad governance while others support

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