The Lottery Tradition Essay

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Traditions have been sought after and passed on for generations; with no questions asked, whether humane or not, traditions are hard to break and diminish as they are often what a culture or community stands for. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, a story about the tradition of a small village, is painted in impeccable details of peace, and serenity on a warm summer day, as everyone follows the tradition they have known since a long time ago despite the true intentions and meaning of it forgotten. The Lottery taking place annually is like no other lottery, it paints the true picture of the horror that epitomizes the tradition that none of the villagers dare to question, despite it creating separation between gender and families and ruining …show more content…

A tradition that stands for bringing communities together can quickly become a tradition that tears communities apart. Jackson continues to tell the story through a series of symbols present throughout. For instance, the black decaying box, from which the lottery is raffled in, closely represents the decaying tradition of the lottery, with the chipping black paint, that once represented the power of authority, is now falling apart, “Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box, they still remembered to use stones.” (Jackson, 2). With essentials characters and a narrative that caters to foreshadowing the sinister events that are yet to follow. The Lottery itself represents a primal example of loss of innocence; portrayed through the young boys who gather at the town square to collect rocks for the horrors soon to follow. An illustration of how traditions can lose their true meanings and come to represent violence and warfare. Furthermore, “The Lottery” also represents the decaying characteristics of traditions, as symbolized by the town’s black box, in this case where every year, someone’s name is drawn out of the black box and they are stoned to death, by other members who may or may not end up to be family. Nonetheless, it ends up to be the villagers who

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