The Benefits Of Traditional Traditions In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Historically, in every culture, important practices exist which transmit traditional values to subsequent generations as traditions is a critical piece of our culture. They help developing and moulding the attitudes and characters of humans, forming the structure and foundation of families and our society. Notwithstanding, many traditions promote social unity and coherent, some traditions erode the integrity, psychological and physical health of individuals as can be seen in the story “The Lottery” writer by Shirley Jackson. In the story, head of the families take a lot in choosing the family that going to sacrifice one of the family members to increase the crop yield. Furthermore, the story “Looking for Rain God” written by Bessie Head reflects the belief in traditional practices, resulting in merciless death of two children. Based on these two stories, mankind followed their tradition practices and sacrificed other’s life to retrieve God’s blessing. This emphasizes that younger generation should not believe in traditional practices as some practices are illogical, irrational and will undermine social order as well as harmonious family relationships. Benefits of some of traditional practices over this world are lacking sense or sound, lucid reason as these benefits do not proven by any of the scientist in this world. People observes these old traditions, which have no sanction and were made just for the benefit of a section of society. In the story “The Lottery”, during

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