Argumentative Essay On The Lottery

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The Lottery is a story by Shirley Jackson. It is about a town that has a type of stoning event called the lottery. It is basically like gambling with your life. Each person has to pull out a slip of paper out of a black box. There are enough slips for each member of the town. It is like a process of elimination. First, each person draws a slip. If a person pulls a slip of paper with a black dot on it, that family has to each pull a slip. The person that pulls a slip with a black dot on it (from the family) has to be stoned to death. So in the end, one person must die. Traditions should not be blindly followed. For some reason, People seem to enjoy the event shown in The Lottery. The whole town visits this event. Most of the time, the lottery takes two days. But the town shown in this story is small, so it takes at least two hours. (In this town) the lottery starts somewhere …show more content…

Summers. As I explained in the introduction, Mr. Summers runs the lottery, so he calls people to come get their lottery slips. No one fights in the process. Even when the villagers line up. Also, people don’t even try to stop the “winner” from being stoned. Still, following Mr. Summers’s orders, they stone the “winner” (in this case, Tessie Hutchinson). It would be hard for someone to kill one of their family members. But they have to follow Mr. Summers’s orders; it’s just tradition, for them. Most people today don’t follow the rules. They still do it anyways, even if it meant life in …show more content…

In the story, tradition of the lottery is very strong, because everyone follows it. Even if the people in the story had to kill a loved one, they still follow tradition. In most cases, tradition is the way of life. I have some traditions; Eating turkey for Thanksgiving, having ham as a food for Christmas Eve dinner, etc. Lots of people have traditions, even if it meant having to kill a loved

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