What Is The Story Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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This is a fictional short story called The Lottery by Shirley Jackson in 1948, it was in the magazine The New Yorker. The lottery happens every year on June 27th at 10 am. It was a clear, sunny morning rich green grass flowers were blooming. It was at the village Town square, there were 300 people. People were gathering that morning around the box, family’s gathering there kids. Mr. Summers, and Mr. graves began the lottery, the lottery is not exactly what you think. You might think that it is the powerball it's not, what they did is fictional the lottery is not real they had a box that they had little pieces of paper in and they would draw and whoever get the paper with the dot on it would get stoned. Which basically means they would get stones thrown at them. Old man warner always said “Lottery in June Crops be heavy soon.” The lottery started and when it was over Tessie's family got the …show more content…

First, Old man Warner always said “Lottery in June crops be heavy soon.” The fact they put that in both the movie and the short story is that they think if they have the lottery there crops will grow, if they didn’t have the lottery they think the crops will not grow. Second, they had the same events and in the same order. They pull a piece of paper out of the box and who ever gets the piece of paper with the dot will get stoned. In conclusion there are many similarities between the book and the story. In the short story and the movie there are a variety of different. First, one differences is the story had more details in it. The movie was vague is was not very understanding. Another differences is in the movie Tessie was stoned up against the wall. In the short story she was stoned at in the grass surrounded by people. Lastly, in the short story little davie was given little pebbles to throw at people in the story. In the movie he was given rock to throw at people. In conclusion there are many

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