What Is The Symbolism In The Lottery

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The story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a short story of horror and realism. On June 27th on a late summer morning, the villagers of a small New England village gatherd together in the town square to conduct their annual lottery. There is a black box on a stool and in the box there is pieces of paper in the box. Each person from a family get one paper from the black box even the children get a piece of paper and every stayed quiet and nervouse. Then Bill Hutchinson looked at the paper and notice that he got the black dot. So then Tessie starts to complain that the drawing was not set up properly (Jackson). In “The Lottery,” Shirley Jackson uses the symbolism, characterization, and theme to develop this short story. The symbolism of a short story is defining is a person, place, or thing that represents something beyond itself (Teaching….2). Symbolism is somthing that create a certain mood or emotion in a work of litearture and describes the symbolism of words and what they mean. Symbolism is also to represent somthing…show more content…
But when they say they win the lottery that does not mean that they won it really means that they got selected to died and to be sacrifice as a traditon. The black box is old and it been use for along time since the begining of the tradition and it is old as Mr. Warner. Another literary device use in this story is characterization. This defines techniques a writer uses to create and develop a character (Teaching….1). The protagonist, Tessie Hutchinson, was arguementative because she thought that it was not fair because they where the chosen family first and aslo that they didnt have enought time pick and so she started to argue with everyone in the village. Also she was mad because she had got the dot out of the hole family and she doesn’t want to die and she aslo didnt care if her daughter
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