Summary Of Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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The book Copper Sun by Sharon Draper is a historical story about an african sold in a slave trade. Amari is an african girl that once lived in a village called Ziavi, this village is a beautiful village that everyone got along, until one day when there village got destroyed and many got killed and captured, Amari just happened to be one of the africans that got captured and taken! She got taken a sold as a slave and ends up in america after riding a deathship and ended up on a plantation trying to make new friends. In the novel there are several differences and similarities between the Ziavi and the plantation! To begin with there are several similarities between the village ziavi and Plantation. The first similarity is that at the village Amari has an actual brother and his name is Kwasi and when she goes to the plantations there is a boy that is names Tidbit and she said in the story that he reminds her of Kwasi, this proves that there is a brother (or like a brother) at both of the places that Amari goes. Another similarity is that there is family (or almost family)…show more content…
But when she arrived at the plantation and she found out she had to like in a tiny little shack, with another girl, and only one bed and a floor mat, everything was very sad, gloomy and nothing was exciting. This shows that the village and the plantation is very different because of the feelings and emotions that go around. Another difference in the story is, the people and respect there, In the village everyone love each other, help, respects, and enjoys each others company. At the plantation everyone hates each other and one one gets along. I know this because at the village everyone was dancing and singing together and they were all getting along and at the plantation it is the exact
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