Constitution Vs Constitution Dbq Essay

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America has been shaped in many different ways, but one of the most important is the way the country is governed. Once the Revolutionary War was over, the United States of America needed to figure out a new way to govern their country because when the states had more power than the national government, the country was weak. The Framers of the United States Constitution ultimately decided to give more power to the Federal Government rather than the state government because the Articles of Confederation were weak, the Constitution was strong, and the Constitution was more likely to succeed than the Articles.
The Articles of Confederation were used to govern America during the Revolutionary War. They were used when the Treaty of Paris was signed, …show more content…

There were many things wrong with the way that the country was being governed, so James Madison wrote a new set of rules for the government and people of America to follow. One of the strengths of the Constitution is that it makes sure that the “states accept the Constitution as the supreme law of the land”, states Document Five, and that gave more order. Every state had to follow the same set of rules, had to pass the same laws, and they had a national court system. The Constitution helped to keep America unified because there were different branches of government. There was a legislative branch in which there were two houses and in which laws were made, an executive branch with the president and vice president in which laws were enforced, and a judicial branch in which there was the supreme court who evaluates laws. There were less anti-federalists than federalists because more people wanted equal people in the government and more unification of the country than not. The Constitution gave organization to America because the nation or federal government had more power than the state …show more content…

With the state governments having more power, there was no order in the country. Every state had different laws, taxes, court systems, and currencies, so it was like each state was its own individual country. When the national government had more power, the country was more organized and unified because everyone followed the same laws, had most of the same taxes, had one national court system, and all had the same type of currency. The country was also somewhat more equal because each state had an equal number of representatives in the government. Federalists were happy with the decision to pass the Constitution because they supported it, while the anti-federalists were unhappy because they were against it. The Constitution was a better choice for the government than the Articles of

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