Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution Dbq

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The structure and powers of the federal government changed under the Constitution as compared to the Articles of Confederation. Many people, known as the anti-Federalists, opposed these changes while on the contrary, many people, known as the Federalists, supported them. The framework and function of the federal government changed drastically under the Constitution. The federal government was much stronger under the Constitution because it was given the power to run the states under more unified control. The constitution claims to have a goal to “form a more perfect union” and “insure domestic tranquility” (Document 1). These were both issues under the Articles of Confederation, considering the 13 states were extremely separate and divided, each with the ability to make it’s own taxes, currency, and trade regulations. Also, there …show more content…

A leading rebellion was one in Massachusetts known as Shays Rebellion. Led by Daniel Shay, the rebellion consisted of a group of farmers unhappy with high taxation. The rebellion was squashed, but the effects spread throughout the country, striking fear for other rebellions in the future and increasing the belief for the need of a more stable, unified, and powerful government. Under the Constitution the government could: regulate commerce, impose and collect taxes, coin money, and raise and support armies, all powers it did not have under the Articles of Confederation (Document 2). The Constitution also included Clause 18, or the Elastic Clause, which gave the government the power “to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing powers” (Document 2), also known as implied

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