Cost Of Freedom

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Our beautiful country of America has one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever hope to have, that gift being our freedom. You may not realize it, but America has many freedoms many countries don’t have! In my book, freedom is our ability to say what we want to say, be what we want to be, believe what we want to believe and in other words, do what we want to do. An example of how lucky we are is that if you wanted to be a Christian in some countries, it is actually illegal, and if you are caught practicing that religion you will be arrested, or in some countries, put to death. I am so thankful that we live in the Great Nation of America and can practice my religion without the terrible thought of being arrested or killed because of it! Thanks to the U.S Constitution, the first amendment states that we are free for our religion, press, and …show more content…

Sure it has changed over time, but it still has the same idea, which is to create our governments, and create our freedoms. The first part of the Constitution was called the Preamble, which explained and introduced the purpose of the Constitution. Then later in the article was the Bill of Rights, which included the first ten amendments, and those amendments stated we had freedom of religion, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, quartering of troops, fair trial by jury, no cruel or unusual punishments and a number of other things. Another important freedom is the freedom of speech, which is we can say what we want to say. In some countries, you can actually be executed by saying something negative about the government, leader, or country! Here in America, it’s not like that at all. You have the freedom to speak out against the government, so if they do something you don’t like, then you can say so and maybe they can change the law or negotiate something to change

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