Creative Writing: The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

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Do you think you could ever get away with murder? For Montresor, he thought he could. But he will soon realize the past can not be easily forgotten. Following the events after “The Cask of Amontillado”, you will see a man spiral into an abyss of fear as he comes to terms with killing(?) Fortunato, and the people close to him. Eventually, this will cause a severe break in reality for him and cause hallucinations that he can not determine if they are real or a figment of his imagination. He will become more and more desperate as events begin to unfold that force him to take desperate measures to stay a free man. Finally this will all reach its pinnacle, when the two men meet for the last time. As I walked back through the crypt, thoughts began …show more content…

The rest of the day was spent in solitary. That night I did manage to get what some would call sleep, but it was far from pleasant. At first, all I could see was a thick veil of darkness. Then I began hearing crying in the distance, like a lost soul adrift in the abyss of darkness. Then it cut off abruptly, only a suspended echo remaining. Slowly, a bundle of bells began chiming, growing louder and louder, until my ears felt like they were screaming in agony. I snapped out abruptly, screaming and sweating like a child wanting his mother. What was that? Was it a sign? No, it couldn’t be. Just I simple nightmare is all. But I still had a distinct uneasy feeling sitting in the pit of my stomach. There is only one way to get rid of …show more content…

Not even a slight jingle from his bells. Was he ignoring me? Yes, that’s it. Still too shocked from the betrayal that took place. What a fool. As I reentered my chamber, I still felt on edge. Why didn’t I hear his bells? I should have at least heard them jingle. I took some opium I had stored in my nightstand, hoping it would help me drift into sleep. All I felt was the thick air of the room as I began to feel more and more anxious. Finally gasping for air, I ran out onto the moonlight soaked streets, breathing in the fresh air. Taking in the fresh breeze, I turned, finally feeling at peace after what felt like an eternity. As I began walking, I noticed the shape of a man walking down the sparsely populated street. A sense of dread was welling up inside my head. Do I know him? It finally dawned on me as he walked under a street lamp. Walking down the street, right in front of me, was the familiar looking

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