Criminal Justice: Leaming V. Des Moines

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Mr. Williams was arrested for abducting a ten-year-old girl in Des Moines, Iowa. Prior to the kidnapping, Williams had recently escaped from a mental hospital. Williams called a Des Moines lawyer and informed him that he’d like to turn himself in. The lawyer advised Williams that he would represent him as soon as he got back to Des Moines, however, while he was in Davenport he would call a lawyer he knew to represent him for the time being. He then advised Williams to turn himself in to the Davenport police. A Davenport lawyer represented Williams during his arraignment there. After his arraignment, Williams was to be driven back to Des Moines by the Des Moines chief of police and a police detective named Leaming. The officers transporting Williams agreed not to question him during the duration of the trip. …show more content…

They then set out on the 160-mile drive. Leaming attempted to converse with Williams several times but Williams insisted that he would tell the whole story once they arrive in Des Moines and he confers with his lawyer. However, Leaming had did his research and knew that Williams was a deeply religious man. As Leaming and Williams began to talk about religion, Leaming started referring to him as “Reverend” to gain his respect. He then suggested that it was important that the police locate the girl’s body so that she will get a proper Christian burial. Subsequent to Leaming’s “Christian burial speech”, William’s began to lead the officers to the body. The girls body was found and Williams was tried and convicted of

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