Criminal Justice System Response Paper

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Response: Criminal Justice System Branches and Their Importance. The three branches of the criminal justice system are Law enforcement, Court system, and Corrections. Each branch play an important role in our society. The importance of the law enforcement is huge and it’s the first step of our criminal justice system. Law enforcement is where our police force comes from, it includes the investigation of crimes, assessing situations, helping out the community, integration with kids, drug prevention programs, and making arrest. Maintaining peace, keeping social order and enforcing the law are crucial for a well balance society (Neubauer & Fradella, 2013). The importance of the court system branch is tremendous, it defines what will happen to an individual, how he is penalized, in charge of choosing whether those captured are lawfully liable, and if not to prove how the individual is innocent. According to Neubauer and Fradella (2013) the branch of the court system are directed by delegated judges and staffed with court columnists, court officers and lawyers. U.S. courts are based on opposing advocates, where two restricting gatherings precede the judge and displays realities, or confirmation, to support their cases. The verdict that courts compose have …show more content…

Although some prisons provide schooling, classes, and accessorizing individuals, I believe the methods in which they are performed have flaws. I would attack the core of the problem in each individual and provide them with different ways to re incorporate himself to society. Once criminals finish their punishment they are lost, they return back to a society that gives them no opportunities and are forced to return to their regular habits before they went to prison. Finding the core of each problem eases the search for solutions and acts more of a form of rehabilitation for the

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