Critical Analysis Of Tender Is The Night

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The novel “Tender Is The Night” takes place on a beautiful shore of the French Riviera where deferential palms cool its flushed facade and cool breeze sweeps through the short dazzling beach from night right up to dawn. This is a very interesting novel authored by Fitzgerald and can be classified as one of his best writings in history. In this story, the characters of the upper class of the 1930’s are portrayed. The main characters in this story are Dr. Dick Diver, Nicole Diver and Rosemary Hoyt. These three characters are connected to each other in a complicated love triangle which in the end causes Dick a lot of heartache. From this novel, we can learn and see that being ruthless and irrational will eventually lead us to disappointment.

Dick is a world renowned psychologist who is intelligent and ambitious. He works in a clinic in Switzerland and this is where he meets Nicole Diver, a woman who seeks help from him after being raped by her father. The tragedy that struck her affects her deeply physically and mentally causing her to suffer from schizophrenia, a mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between a real life experience and an unrealistic imagination. When Dick sets out and joins the army, Nicole sends him letters after letters talking about absolutely everything under the sun. In her letters, she also expresses her romantic feelings towards him as well as her improvement on her mental disorder. Upon returning from the
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