Critical Race Theory Social Work

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I have discussed in this piece Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Anti Oppressive Practice (AOP) approach to social work. Subjects such as Race and Racism, Microaggression, White privilege, Power and Empowerment in addition with Identity are themes links these two radical theories together which I have also discussed. I have concluded the work by stressing how CRT and AOP could be use to seek social justice for Black and Minority ethnic group (BME) within the UK society.
Critical Race Theory CRT
CRT came into existence because of the racial oppression in united state during the 1970’s. The theory was formed in other to awaken the society at a time when relationships between races had stalled. (Delgado 1995) stresses that CRT originated …show more content…

It could happen through verbal or non verbal communication, even looks or behavioural when someone with a different skin colour or sexual orientation approaches is microaggression. It is a stereotype or prejudicial statement which people make without noticing most of the times. (Solórzano et al 2000) defined microaggression a subtle abuse aimed at individuals of colour, mostly automatically or unwittingly. (Sue 2010) gave microaggression a more broad definition by calling it a short and ordinary expression or conduct and environmental humiliation, even if intended or unintended which conveys hostility or disparaging insults to an individual or a group of a different sexual orientation, race, religion, gender. These insults are mostly harmless and unnoticed sometimes as stated above. However, an accumulation of microaggression to victims that are conscious of it could have an adverse effect on the individual self esteem and confidence. (Pierce 1995) illuminated more on this by stating that microaggression as it might appear innocuous, nevertheless, accrual weight of microaggression in the life of an individual could lead to demolishing of individuals self-esteem, increase pessimism and weaken mortality. Research has also shown the impact of microaggression on victims which …show more content…

Historically, from America to central Europe the whites race have always had the preference socially, educationally and politically whilst other ethnic groups found it difficult to climb up the ladder or fully express or gain their rights to self determination. This is described concisely by (Jeyasingham 2011) referring to white privilege as a variety of unjustified social advantage that is gained by white people even though they mostly don’t notice it. White privilege is something that could said to be a birth right, where a white Caucasian chances to succeed in life are bigger than a black or someone from other ethnic minorities despite the fact that they were all born in the same hospital, lived in same town and attended the same schools. As (Lavalette and Penketh 2014 page ix) highlighted that this has “no scientific valid reality” but constructed by the sects with most institutional might and power to determine where different races end up in the social and institutional hierarchy. Finally, (Kendal 2002) defined white privilege in a different way in comparisons to other which buttresses the points made above as he links white privilege along with male privilege as something difficult for people who are born with rights to wealth and power but easy to see to those that

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