Delta Blues Annotated Bibliography

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In Deep Blues, Robert Palmer describes the Delta blues as music sang with “unmatched intensity in a gritty, melodically circumscribed, highly ornamented style… “ (Palmer, 1981). The first major characteristics of the Delta blues was that it was in close relations to work chants and field hollers of the African American slaves. As a result of this close connection, songs of the Delta blues were often a share of disparities, sorrow, sad experience and generally life as the oppressed minority (blacks). The Delta Blues is also characterized by the distinct fingerpicking and sliding of the guitar (legato guitar) creating deep elaborate rhythms to express deep emotion and message. This distinct sliding styles of playing is also known as the bottleneck guitar because early sliders were made from smooth glass bottlenecks. A benefit of using the slide guitar in the Delta Blues was the fact that slide guitar allowed an artists to comfortably move through different pitches using smooth…show more content…
Evolution of the Delta blues can be seen by identifying specific elements of the Delta Blues in music genres that came after it. Rock ‘n’ Roll for example, is one of the modern genres that still exemplify elements of the Delta Blues. Many rock legends such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles were highly inspired by the Delta blues. Regan Wardensky writes, “The goal of both genres is to create music with raw emotion.” (Wardensky, 2012) . A visible aspect of the Delta Blues in Rock n Roll is the lyrics and the extent at which artists use them to express deep emotion. The rolling Stones, sang “Paint it black” with the aim of allowing the audience to look into the life of a troubled fellow who wishes his life was all painted black just like his moods. The Alabama shakes, a modern rock band showcase the same emotion when they sing “Bless my heart, bless my soul. I didn’t think I’d make it to 22 years old.” in “Hold on” Similar sadness can be seen in Robert Johnson’s “Come on to my kitchen” who continuously asks his lover to come back to him. Not surprisingly, Robert Johnson receives credit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for writing songs that set foundation for rock n roll. Another element of the Delta blues present in Rock n roll is the use of the minor pentatonic
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