A Comparison Of Tom Johnson And Tommy Johnson: The Father Of Delta Blues

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During the 19th century, music was booming and people were dancing to the lively genre of jazz in the heart of New Orleans. Not too far away is the Mississippi River Delta, where the most genuine of music genres was born; the blues. Ranging from Charley Patton to Joe Bonamassa, blues was- and is still, very influential to the current music culture. One of the most prominent artists in blues music is Charley Patton, who is often referred to as the "Father of Delta Blues", was the beginning of a chain reaction for inspiration to the likes of Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Eddie James "Son" House and Booker T. Washington "Bukka" White. Down to the core, the most basic similarity the aforementioned blues musicians have is that they were all born in Mississippi. However, delving a little deeper into the live of these musicians, hows that they have a lot more in common than what meets the eye. For instance, Robert and Tommy Johnson (no relation) were both speculated to have sold their souls for success and talent. Furthermore, they were both prominent blues artists who were popular with the …show more content…

Although, Eddie 'Son' House, grew up in a musically inclined house, he had a deep hatred for blues and didn't turn to music until he was 25 years old when he had heard a new type of music style. For Charley Patton, the love for music started at the early age of 6 when he moved to a cotton and sawmill farm. It was at this farm he developed his music style and began playing for nearby plantation workers. He was one of few blues artists to play annual shows and put his unique skills on display. Booker T. Washington 'Bukka' White, was first cousins with B.B.King (another prominent blues artist) and was skillful with many instruments. However, he got his beginning as a fiddler for square dancing, where he allegedly met Charley Patton, who was a great influence on

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