Curley's Wife

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In this essay I am going to be comparing and explore eight characters from a play and a novel. The novel and the play are called are ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’. They are Mr Birling, Miss Birling, Shelia, Eric, George, Lennie, Curley and Curley’s wife.
George is like a parent to Lennie. “Lennie looks at George helplessly.” The way that George has to handle Lennie is like a father dealing with a difficult child. He has to make sure that looks after Lennie in the most basic ways, from making sure he doesn’t drink too much to holding onto his work papers; even to the point that he has to tell him ‘bedtime stories’ in the form of the tale of them getting a ranch. A tale that makes them both feel better about their situation and …show more content…

“Have you Seen this girl in a red dress…” Curley’s wife wants to feel desirable. She is lonely and her marriage to Curley is marking her feel isolated. Her flirting for attention makes the other men neurons around her. They withdraw from her and this makes her more isolated. She is trapped in a victims circle.
Curley’s wife feels like she has not attached anything in her life. “I never get to talk to anyone, I get awful lonely” loneliness is a key aspect in Curley’s wife character. She married Curley to escape her controlling mother and ended up in a loveless marriage. She forced on her dreams to try to keep herself happy but this only make matters worse.
Mrs Birling and Curley have a lot of key factors in common like how Mrs Birling controllers her family still feels she has the upper hand over everyone in her family this is show “what an expression. Sheila really the things that you girls pick up those days!” Curley believes that his wife is owned by him and he has more power over his wife. This is shown when everyone asks him how come you have a glove on all the time he says “it is filled with Vaseline”. This tells that he is waiting for his wife to come home. Also it shows that he controllers her in his own

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