Examples Of Moral Ambiguity In Of Mice And Men

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Moral Ambiguity An obscurity knowing of a character leads readers to think more about the person’s position in the book. Moral Ambiguity is when it is not clear that a person is positive, nor villainous. The character is portrayed as a vindictive person to the readers but a good person to themselves. In the book “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, Curley's Wife, is portrayed as a morally ambiguous character. Curley’s Wife is depicted as morally ambiguous because she uses her sexual appeal to lure men into her life, but in her point of view, she is trying to repel her loneliness. Curley’s Wife likes to use her physical appeal to get to know other men. To make her husband jealous, she is very seductive towards her husband's workers. This is

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