Of Mice And Men Luck Quotes

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Who has ever eluded the consequences for doing something wrong as a child, and thought, Wow, I’m so lucky I didn’t get caught? Or how about nearly breaking something while doing something thoughtless with friends that would’ve gotten them in trouble and thinking, We are really lucky that didn’t happen? Everyone has done something that they have evaded some sort of punishment and thought that karma was on their side that day. These are what one may call, “good luck.” But what about, “bad luck,” when you no longer have any? In his novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck utilizes theme to illustrate that luck can only run on for long until it runs out. To begin, luck can help get people through difficult situations. Before George and Lennie arrive at the ranch, they somehow manage to escape capture by the law from Lennie’s actions in the town …show more content…

Curley’s wife is finds herself in an unlucky situation while attempting to befriend the “gentle” giant, Lennie, adding on to her already unfortunate past. She converses to Lennie of all her past plans, saying “‘I coulda made somethin’ of myself.’” Curley’s wife then reveals her backstory, how she nearly did make something of herself, with an actor or movie star husband, not some short-tempered, condescending control-freak. Following this, she dies because Lennie didn’t want her alerting the others to their location. What’s more, as readers follow the story, people see her as, states Candy, a “floozy,” which influences the opinion of how Curley’s wife is portrayed, a horrible, good-for-nothing whore. When she dies, many readers accuse her to be the fault of her own death because she shouldn’t talk to Lennie after discovering what he did to the dog. Readers also say she also shouldn’t scream, because Lennie then became fearful of George finding out what he did and attempts to force her to stop screaming, accidentally killing

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