David Sedaris Verbal Irony Analysis

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David Sedaris’s use of verbal irony achieves the greatest comic effect due to the way he uses it to be humorous and foolish. The irony is the greatest due to the contrast he creates with his words. On page 13, Sedaris states, “Her english was flawless. ‘I really, really hate you.’” (Sedaris 13). The juxtaposition of the word “flawless” being followed so closely with her “hate”, along with the negative connotation in the text, creates a sense of irony that is humorous. Also, when Sedaris realizes he understands that French-speaking teacher, he, “...settled back, bathing in the subtle beauty of each new curse and insult.” (Sedaris 15). He is being ironic, finding glory and joy in being insulted. Insults hold a very negative connotation, while

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