Dbq Essay On The Impact Of Internet On Our Brains

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With the internet dominating our lives, it is hard to ignore the impact it has on our brains. The internet has been around for a decent amount of time now. Since 1983 the internet has been in our lives. But is that a good thing or a bad thing has the internet helped or hurt us. The biggest problem with the internet is that we are way too reliant on the internet for remembering important events not only in our lives but in all of society. And there are pieces of evidence within the documents to prove it. The first document “Ok google where did I put my thinking cap” had two great pieces of evidence. The first piece of evidence is in document 1. In document 1 it says “Writer Nicholas Carr contends that the Internet will take away our ability for contemplation due to the plasticity of our brains.” This is showing us the problem that writer Nicholas Carr believes in. The internet can harm our ability to think deeply because our brains are adaptable. The second piece of evidence from this document is “"... what the Internet seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation," Carr wrote.” The internet is so powerful that even Carr himself has noticed that his …show more content…

The first piece of evidence in document 2 is “Imagine filling a bathtub with a thimble; that's the challenge involved in moving information from working memory into long-term memory.” This quote shows that it's hard to remember things when we're overwhelmed with too much information at once. The second piece of evidence from the document is “Psychologists refer to the information flowing into our working memory as our cognitive load. When the load exceeds our mind's ability to process and store it, we're unable to retain the information or to draw connections with other memories.” This shows that our ability to remember things is limited by how much our minds can handle at

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