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he Middle Ages

The Middle Age was after the fall of the Roman Empire in the west between 500 and 1400 in Europe. During the era, the society were being terrorized and the economy were in a bad state. There was no trade going on, meaning the economy was declining and the people were terrified. The Middle Age showed a devastating era that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire. Everyone was suffering hence being called the “Dark Age” which led to the creation of Feudalism.

The Middle ages, 500-1400 A.D can best be described as the Dark Ages. During the Middle Ages, Europe was a very dangerous place to be at. Europe was in a horrible state, people were being killed and slaughtered. The black plague, now called the bubonic plague, also …show more content…

Since Europe was in a such a bad state and there was no social order leading to the creation of feudalism. Feudalism was a social, political, and economical system in which nobles were granted the use of land that legally belonged to the kings in return for giving loyalty and military service for the king, which is evidenced in document #1. The Age of Feudalism helped to bring the society together after its fall. With feudalism, the people of the Medieval Europe would be provided with protection and security in return for the use of the granted land. This shows how feudalism allowed for people to rely on each other.

One could argue that the Middle Age wasn’t all bad, that it also had some great impacts. In some instances the Middle Age was flourishing because of its later achievements. True,that the Middle Age wasn't a very vigorous era, but many achievements were still made. Contrary to being called the “Dark Age”, the Middle Age could still be considered good because of what would be later gained through it. Even at it’s worst, new knowledge and creativity would be later achieved from the Middle Age, contributing to history and what we know

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