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The acts of the French Revolution were completely justified and essential for the prosperous future of France and Europe. The revolution resulted in many historical movements and the uproar that would bring freedom and liberty to France and Europe. Although some of the ideas and concepts could be seen as excessive, they were all necessary. Everything from the Bastille invasion to the establishment of the Committee of Public Safety, to even the Reign of Terror. The Bastille invasion was one of the main defining movements that would set the foundation for the French Revolution, it marked the moment commoners would enter and become pawns of the French Revolution. Following the fall of the Bastille, the Committee of Public Safety was established. …show more content…

It marked the day when French lower-class citizens and commoners would join the revolution. On July 14th, 1789 a crowd of roughly 800 angry citizens stormed the prison located in Paris. After successfully entering the prison the mob freed seven prisoners and took advantage of the recently received gunpowder to arm themselves. The Bastille was also seen as a symbol of the monarchy’s dictatorship, taking it down symbolized the beginning downfall of the monarchy. The fall of the Bastille caused The Great Fear, a period where the monarchy and nobility would start to fear the outcome of a soon-to-be revolution. The Great Fear would be another key part of the revolution, the paranoia created would only cause the downfall of the feudal system even faster. One of the prisoners freed during the storming was Voltaire, a French philosopher that advocated the idea of freedom. Voltaire’s ideas would be one of many strong beliefs and reasoning behind the French Revolution, his words would empower the people. Some people may say that eventually, it went too far when the mob beheaded the governor of the Bastille De Launay. De Launay and his Bastille represented a symbol of oppression and tyranny, the beheading of De Launay depicted the downfall of this tyranny and created the paranoia that would stop it all. There was no point in this movement that it went too far; it was a day when the people would begin to take charge and fix what is wrong. This uprising is no different than what modern day has seen, such as the black lives matter movement. This movement would later lead to a new Republic and

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